Project Space, Tamines, Belguim, Opening 18 May 2017. Curated by Fred Michiels (BE).
Generosity as a currency. What is the function of the individual object? Is it still in a position to produce difference? A privileged space for a contemporary ritual (Nothing amazes me/us any longer) no longer just show works of art but form units with them that carry a larger promise. The classic gallery programma still referred to universal ideas of the public sphere and of history: Out there is the world, here are the positions! And it permitted me to explore limits and codes.
Artists: Karin Beyens, Chris Meulemans, Agnes Nagygyorgy, André Fromont, André Delalleua, Francis Denys, Frans Daels, Gudrun Somers, Wannes Lecompte, Ellen Gieles, Wilfried Pulinckx, Chloé Coomans, Benoit Piret, Robert Quint, Raskarkapakart, Christian Grenier, Filip Van Kerckhoven, Alexandra Kennedy, Egbert Aerts, Wim Maes, Wijnand Steemers, Peter Van Ammel, Hugo Draulans, Michel Vaerewijck, Jean Dalemans, Simon Dalemans, Luc Fierens